Friday, October 19, 2007

Brad's Next MRI

Brad's next MRI is scheduled for November 14th at 11am. I didn't have a choice regarding this date (because he needs to be sedated, it's complicated to get all the doctors together in one place), but if I did I would not have chosen this date. Doug is going to be in North Carolina for the state convention that week, so I'll be taking Brad by myself.

Please pray for all of us:
1. That Doug wouldn't worry and be distracted from his work
2. That Brad would handle the sedation well
3. That I will handle Brad well

I'm most worried about number three (Brad did really well last year)--it's a really long day because we don't just have the MRI, we meet with the doctor after. Plus, Brad can't have anything to eat before that. So I'm looking at leaving the house around 7am to drop Anne off somewhere (not sure where yet--our regular childcare worker is starting substitute teaching in November!!) with a very cranky and hungry toddler. Then entertaining said hungry toddler until he can go through the MRI. After the MRI he's always a little loopy, but at least he gets to eat (not that he wants to at that point).

Then we get to wait for several hours to meet with the doctor, at which point Brad has not napped at all and will be tired and cranky. Then we'll meet with the doctor, go home, pick up Anne, eat dinner, and go to bed.

It's a long day.

PS This is a routine scan--he'll have one every year for the rest of his life--and the doctor doesn't expect to see anything different, so I'm not worried about the results...just the process.

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