Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More presents!

We're starting to get the hang of the whole "card first" thing.

Grandma Ludovici (sorry, Mom--I still want to call you Grandma Hannafan--I had to delete my typing and start over) got Brad three very nice pairs of pants and pajamas. Now Brad has "Grama's Jamas" to wear to bed!

Grandma even sent some pajamas for Anne--now she can look like a princess one night a week instead of little boy in her blue jammies. Here she is, body-surfing the package.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Brad celebrated his THIRD birthday this weekend. I can't believe it was three whole years ago that he was born. This week three years ago I had a 6 lb 14 oz, jaundiced, scrawny little baby, and now I have a 30 lb pre-schooler (still a little scrawny, but very tall!).


Anyway, here he is opening presents on the day before his birthday (we celebrated early because Doug had to go to NC again). He had a lot of fun opening presents.This is from Mimi and Papa Fred (love the box!)

Let's open the card BEFORE the present, Brad!
Mimi and Papa Fred got Brad a very cute outfit and stickers!

They even got Anne a present, too! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Orthotics and Shoes

Brad is now on his third pair of orthotics (and will probably be wearing them for another two years or so) and his third pair of shoes. I've kept all his old pairs--let me just say it's a good thing we have great health insurance. You're looking at $5,000 worth of plastic, baby!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Watch this. All nine minutes of it. I'll wait.

Still here? Bored out of your mind? Not Brad! This is a train from Strasburg Railroad, where we went with Grandpa a few weeks ago. Doug discovered this and many other videos just like it on You Tube, and now Brad will sit forever watching video after video. It bores me to tears, but it is absolutely fascinating to him. I'm telling myself it's okay and not like TV because it's boring...

Taking a nap

Here are the boys, napping after church.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's cold!

Anne is wearing her first pair of tights! She looked so adorable when we went to church--she had on her little dress, and tights, and a white sweater. Too cute.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A little tired after the big day

The price of admission included a small pumpkin, so we now have three pumpkins (we didn't have to pay for Anne) on the kitchen table.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We interrupt this bulletin for breaking news!

Anne has her first hairbows! I found six of them on eBay. The woman I bought them from also runs an Etsy shop, but you can get them cheaper by bidding on them. She sells them for $6.99 if you don't bid, but I got them for $3.99. There are six, and I got to choose the colors. You'll see all of them in the coming weeks, I'm sure. They are absolutely adorable, and just perfect for Anne's hair. I LOVE having a girl!!!!

Plus, I feel good knowing that these are cheap, home-made, and are purchased from a mom at home with her kids--I like knowing that I'm supporting that. You should definitely check out Etsy shops if you're looking for really cute stuff and want to support moms who want to be with their kids but need some extra money. Anyway, here's Anne, modeling light blue polka-dots!


Okay, this is a rant.

Stupid Johns Hopkins (sorry, honey). They send you a letter saying that "enclosed are..." lots of materials. Said materials are not, in fact, enclosed. When you try to call them to get said materials, you get transferred from MRI to Radiology to the ER to the doctor back to MRI, and finally back to the doctor's office, who says: "Oh, I just talked with Radiology and it turns out they don't enclose forms x,y, and z anymore, you fill them out when you arrive, but I will send you forms a, b, and c." Then why does the letter say the forms will be enclosed if they aren't???

AND, I just found out that we are not seeing the doctor the same day as the MRI--they don't do MRIs on the days he is in the office anymore. So the good news is that it will be a shorter day for me alone, the bad news is that I have to take ANOTHER day off of work to go back up to Baltimore in the middle of the day (and naptime, I might add) for a 15-minute follow up appointment.

Not. happy. at. all.

Face-painting and haystacks

They actually had little templates, mirrors, and paint set out so that you could paint yourself! It was pretty cool...and came off about five minutes after I put it on!

And a train, of course

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goat Village

This is the only farm we've been to that actually allowed you to walk around with the animals. Doug took these pictures (I was with Anne, getting her fed), and this one is my favorite one of the day (except the goat looks a little evil):

Monday, October 22, 2007


This weekend we went to Cox Farms, in Vienna, Virginia. Doug found it online, and Brad was very pleased to be visiting Virginia, where "I am born." There was a LOT of stuff to do there, and a good time was had by all, especially Miss Anne, who liked eating the hay.


Every fall festival on a farm we've been to has giant slides. Cox Farms had five slides, and Brad and Doug had a great time riding them. You can see on the last picture that Brad went down by himself, but he spread his legs apart so that they got caught on the hay and turned him around. He was still smiling at the end, though!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eight Months

Seven Months

There is such a gap because I didn't start using the digital camera on Brad for quite a while after he was born!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Brad's Next MRI

Brad's next MRI is scheduled for November 14th at 11am. I didn't have a choice regarding this date (because he needs to be sedated, it's complicated to get all the doctors together in one place), but if I did I would not have chosen this date. Doug is going to be in North Carolina for the state convention that week, so I'll be taking Brad by myself.

Please pray for all of us:
1. That Doug wouldn't worry and be distracted from his work
2. That Brad would handle the sedation well
3. That I will handle Brad well

I'm most worried about number three (Brad did really well last year)--it's a really long day because we don't just have the MRI, we meet with the doctor after. Plus, Brad can't have anything to eat before that. So I'm looking at leaving the house around 7am to drop Anne off somewhere (not sure where yet--our regular childcare worker is starting substitute teaching in November!!) with a very cranky and hungry toddler. Then entertaining said hungry toddler until he can go through the MRI. After the MRI he's always a little loopy, but at least he gets to eat (not that he wants to at that point).

Then we get to wait for several hours to meet with the doctor, at which point Brad has not napped at all and will be tired and cranky. Then we'll meet with the doctor, go home, pick up Anne, eat dinner, and go to bed.

It's a long day.

PS This is a routine scan--he'll have one every year for the rest of his life--and the doctor doesn't expect to see anything different, so I'm not worried about the results...just the process.


We've been posting for two years now! Actually, two years and two months--our blogiversary was in August, but I missed it (what can I say? I'm busy running around after two kids and working!).

So, to celebrate, today and this weekend I'll be posting pictures of Brad and Anne when they were about the same ages (to celebrate, and also because I have no new pictures to post!).

These are their newborn pictures.
*Updated* Brad was jaundiced when he was born and spent an extra day in the hospital under the can really tell when you contrast him with Anne. He looks positively yellow!

One Month