Friday, September 14, 2007

Puppy Scare

When Anne was born I wanted to try and minimize (ha!) the impact she would have on Brad. Really, I wanted a distraction so that I could bond with her while he kept himself busy. Enter the train. Brad loves trains--he's crazy about them. So I knew he'd like this train set, and he does.

He plays with it almost every day, setting it up, playing with it, taking it down, setting it up again...he's lost parts and we've found them...he's damaged parts and we've fixed them. But the wear and tear of the constant playing has finally been too much for the little train. The magnets on the front and back of the engines have started falling off, and in such a way that you can only put two trains together at a time (because of the north/south pole thing). I tried to glue the magnets back on, but they would only fall off again. So yesterday, after doing some research online and concluding that the local toy store is as cheap a place as any, Doug and I took the kids out to buy a new train. Brad wanted to take puppy with him. You remember, puppy, right?

I swore up and down that I wouldn't let my kids have loveys, because they would inevitably get dirty/torn/lost and then I would have a very unhappy child on my hands (and if you know me, you know I'm not one to run out and spend $50 on a discontinued item only available on eBay that the kid will probably hate anyway because "that's not the real puppy"). Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, both Brad and Anne have attached themselves to loveys (and Anne can't sleep without hers--lovely). Brad just loves puppy, more than he loves trains, but when we got in the store and he saw a train table set up with trains to play with, he put puppy down and played with the trains. Doug and I picked out a set of three little trains, and Brad was thrilled beyond words that we were actually going to take the "engines" home with us. So we paid for them, opened them in the car (of course), and played with trains when we got home.

Fast forward to bedtime: we can't find puppy. Doug went down to the car to look for him while I prayed with Brad. After a long time, Doug comes back and says that he can't find puppy. It comes to me in a flash: puppy is right next to the train table in the toy store. I can see him there in my mind, discarded and momentarily forgotten in the excitement of the new trains. I convince Brad that puppy is busy and he will be back tomorrow and come out of the bedroom. Doug is already lacing up his shoes.

While he's gone, what do I do? I'm on eBay, contemplating whether the last bid of $39.50 (plus shipping) is really serious and wondering if I have a chance of winning if I wait to the last second and swoop in with my more serious bid (I mean, seriously, you obviously don't need puppy that much if you're only willing to pay $39.50!).

But ten minutes later I hear Doug coming back: puppy was right where Brad left him and all is well. I tuck Brad in with puppy and scoff at the idea of anyone paying more than $9.99 for a stuffed animal--the kid can just learn to do without, right?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! $10 Oscar rears his "ugly" head!! Oh, do I remember those days!!!

Your favorite mom