Monday, August 20, 2007

Right after this he threw up three times

We were headed for a pleasant family outing at the Children's Museum in Richmond, Virginia. We left the house around 9am and just as we were about half an hour away from our destination, Brad asked for Daddy and then threw up three times in a row. I mean, he was sitting in pools of throw up. Needless to say, we turned straight around (after stopping at a department store for clothes and a grocery store for fabric cleaner) and went home. That was our Saturday--how was yours?

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Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

We started house hunting when Gregory was 1 and I was pregnant. Many times that we went out and saw houses he would out of the blue just throw up. However the funny part was each time he threw up we put an offer on the house. Finally one was accepted. I am glad because like you I hated to stop at Kmart and clean up puke and buy new outfits. I hope he feels better soon.