Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tricky Parents

Brad has always loved cooked spinach, and has picked at salads. But on Sunday night an opportunity presented itself that I just couldn't pass up. I had cooked some chicken and assembled salads for Doug and myself. On Brad's plate I put some cut up chicken, a little cheese, some grape tomatoes, a pile of four spinach leaves, and, of course, his "dip" (ranch dressing). He picked up a spinach leaf, dipped it in the dressing, and told me, "I eat plant, Mama!" Doug and I laughed and then I told him it was spinach and it was a special treat and if he ate it he'd grow up big and strong like Daddy. So he finished up his spinach and then I told him he could have more if he had been a good boy that he said he had and I gave him four more leaves. Then he wanted more, and I told him that spinach was special and he had to eat some chicken he dutifully ate a few pieces of chicken and then got more, a few days later, he's eating spinach throughout the day as a "special treat!" (of course, it helps when you slather it in ranch dressing!)

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Lyndsey said...

haha nice headband in that pic!