Tuesday, July 24, 2007

They are SO different

When you handed Brad a bottle, he was content to lay on the floor and suck that bottle dry in about five minutes flat. But with Anne...you may wonder why we've laid her on the floor since she has such trouble with her reflux. It's because we literally can't hold her while she eats! She is so active and kicks and moves around so much she wiggles out of our arms, so mealtimes are spent repositioning her and last for hours (or so it seems). So we put her on the floor, and she does a little better. She still wiggles around a lot and kicks, but doesn't go anywhere.

The problem is that she likes to see what's going on at all times (does Brad have a train out again? What are the cats doing now? Is Mama doing something fun without me?), so she twists to see and ends up on her stomach, loses her bottle, and does the frog thing (she looks like a little frog when she's on her stomach, kicking her arms and feet in all directions) until someone rescues her.

The good news is that we've finally found a use for Brad (I knew having kids would come in handy sooner or later!)--when Doug and I are busy, we tell Brad to go help Anne, and he will find her bottle and roll her over and get her started again. Plus, I tell him he's so helpful, and he loves to hear that: "I so helpful, Mama! I so helpful!"

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