Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breakfast and Lunch

Brad has been away visiting my family in New York this past week, and we're very happy to have him back! He seems so much bigger and more grown-up. It was a good week for him to be away because both Doug and I were sick the entire week and are still recovering. Not only that, our van died! It's a funny-in-retrospect story that involves Doug spending the night in Pennsylvania and me driving up to meet him with the title to the van, and us driving home in a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Limited. But I don't want to bore you with the details.

This car will do everything but make your breakfast...and I'm pretty sure there are instructions for that in the manual somewhere. I'm absolutely appalled that it has a DVD player in it--for me that's a drawback, not a selling point--and I told the salesman that. In fact, I got a little carried away with telling the salesman how evil television is for children under two, and about the ensuing neurological damage that results, that Doug had to take the him aside and tell him that I wasn't crazy, just passionate. Anyway, it's a nice van...here's hoping I don't wreck it!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pregnancy Update

No picture (of me) this time because even though I'm not even gaining weight, my face is getter larger and my nose, especially, is getter bigger. It's not pretty--trust me.

I had an OB appointment today: I'm 35 weeks along, and I lost a pound in the past two weeks, making my total pregnancy weight gain 8 pounds so far...I think with Brad I was at 30-something at this point. I guess no two pregnancies are the same!

Anyway, even though I didn't gain weight, Anne had, and my stomach was 3cm larger than the last time, a big enough gain to concern the doctor. That and the fact that she wasn't sure where Anne's head was caused her to send me downstairs for a sonogram, where they confirmed that:
1. Anne's head is down, just as it should be,
2. There is plenty of amniotic fluid, and
3. They think she weighs 6.5 pounds right now, which is incredibly large given that I have five more weeks left and babies tend to gain .5 pounds a week in the last weeks...I could end up with a 9 pound baby! The doctor kept saying, in an odd voice, "well, she's still in the normal range, so that's good," which I think he intended to be reassuring, but in fact just made me more nervous...how close to the out-of-normal range is she?! I was afraid to ask.

So I think they're going to watch me and if Anne keeps getting bigger my guess would either be an induction pre-due date or a scheduled c-section. I would go with the induction...I'm ready to meet Anne! So, all in all, a good visit today--Anne will be here soon!

I see the doctor again next week and I'll keep you all updated.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Brad with his aunts (he's on a little vacation in New York with my parents right now):

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to tell your child is tired

You say: Time for bed! (Very enthusiastically, anticipating that you will spend the next fifteen minutes reading books, fetching water, and rocking before coaxing the child into bed)

His response: He sticks his fingers in his mouth, his hand in his hair, and toddles off to the bedroom, where he climbs into bed, grabs puppy, and waits for you to pull the covers over him. You follow him, cover him up, kiss him, turn off the light, and leave. When you check on him five minutes later, he's sound asleep.

Your response: You leave quietly, feeling a little disappointed you didn't get to rock him, because, after all, that's the best part of the day with him.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I don't actually have any zoo pictures, but I do have a picture of Brad in a pea coat that we bought for him last year on sale. We got such a great deal--it was $10, marked down from $50!

Anyway, we did go to the zoo today for our first Jig-a-Long Zoo class. It was lots of fun, and definitely worth the money. The teacher had four different 'stations' set up for the kids and Brad ended up doing four crafts. I had to drag him away from the 'get-the-shells-out-of-the-sand-with-a-spoon' station because he was having more fun spooning out the sand, but other than that we had a great time. Brad saw a zebra and a cheetah and kept repeating those two names over and over. We have four more classes, and maybe one day I'll remember to bring the camera.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I was making shrimp pad thai for dinner tonight, one of my favorite dishes, and Brad was a little hungry before it was ready (when is this child NOT hungry, I ask you?), so I gave him a shrimp, thinking he'd be grossed out. Just my luck--the child is a shrimp lover and ate half the shrimp before I had a chance to put it in the dinner.

Mom, would you stop taking pictures and just read the book?

Doug and I have read this book about 100 million times in the past week. It's Brad's favorite new book. And best of all, we have two versions: a board book (which he's holding in the picture) and one with paper pages. So we get to read one and then the other and then the first one again and then the other and...you get the picture.