Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One of THOSE days

I have a feeling I'll be posting one of these once a month...maybe more when Anne comes.

First, the MRI. Brad had his MRI yesterday, and it was a very LONG day. The doctor was not able to look over Brad's previous MRI results before seeing us yesterday, so the results are inconclusive for now. There's nothing on his brain, but there is a cyst on his spine and the doctor wants to compare this year's results with last year's. I'll post another update in a week or so.

Anyway, yesterday Brad was walking around like a drunken sailor while the effects of the anesthesia wore off, and by the time we got him home at 3pm he was the most miserable I've ever seen him. I mean, it's going down as our worst day ever. I decided that 5pm was not too early to put him to bed, and he slept until 6:45 this morning.

If you thought that 14 hours of sleep would improve his disposition, you'd be wrong. We started the day off well--I took him for a walk while he ate an apple in the stroller. Looked adorable. Then we went to the grocery store, where he was upset that I wouldn't let him eat a banana, so he took a carton of milk and threw it to the floor with such force that it exploded everywhere, which caused a fight among the employees about who had to clean it up (apparently, there was some confusion about who was on break...). Lovely.

After we got home I discovered that he had stolen a toothbrush! I should have realized it--he had it in his hand (it's not like he thought to hide it in a pocket)--but he was already acting so badly I didn't even notice it. Then he squirmed so much during a diaper change that a bath had to be taken, which he was NOT happy about. And so on and so on. Finally, finally, it was nap time. This is one of those days I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lies I told this weekend

"We can't turn on the fan, Brad, it's broken."
"We can't take Grandma's ring off, it's stuck."
"We can't have another cracker, they're all gone."

And then he repeats the last word forever--' broke...broke fan...broke.'

We also got to see Uncle Ben run his race. Brad had a great time running up and down a small hill and playing with Grandma.

Apple Picking in NY

Brad on the tractor with Grandma.

Grandma showing Brad how to pick apples.

Eating an apple.

Aunt Kelly, Brad, Aunt Lyndsey

We made a trip home to New York this weekend and went apple picking at Beak & Skiff, where I went apple picking as a child. It was a beautiful day for it, and Brad had a wonderful time. He thought he was supposed to take a bite from each apple he picked before he put it in the bag. Unless we were quick on the draw getting the freshly picked apple away--chomp!--a little bite was taken out of it. Let's just say he ate lots of apples...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's finally fall!

It was finally cool today! I was able to open the windows and doors and actually feel comfortable. I love fall!

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen...

Nicole at 26 1/2 weeks....13 weeks to go!

Friday, September 15, 2006


I found a great website that displays whatever letter of the alphabet you press, and if you press a non-letter, it shows the next letter in the alphabet. The site also has a picture of a child saying the word, along with a picture of something starting with that letter. Brad calls it 'four' (I have no idea why) and he's always asking for 'four.' The only problem with this is that the children speaking the letters all have English accents (it's a British site), so now when Brad says whatever they say, he sounds faintly British!

PS The cat is healthy and Doug named her Jenny--we're soon going to be a four person/three cat household!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Doug adopts a cat

No, this is not a fictional short story. This is the absolute truth: My wonderful husband, who has always insisted that he only tolerates my two cats, has adopted a cat (I think I see a pig flying outside my window as I write this).

One of our neighbors came by last night and told us this cat has been passed around the apartment complex for a month now. She was abandoned, no one can keep her more than a few nights, and because the cat has been declawed, everyone is worried about her being allowed to run around outside. Fliers have been placed around, but the owner has not come forward. Our neighbor caught Doug as he was coming in last night, alone, and explained all this to him. The next thing I knew, Doug was in our living room with this cat, explaining how she had followed him home and asking if we could keep her.

She's the sweetest thing and has already made herself at home. She loves to be petted, even more than our two cats, and purrs a lot. I think she just needs some love. We'll take her to the vet on Tuesday, and barring any life-threatening diseases, I think we've got ourselves a third cat. I'll let you know what Doug decides to name her!

Getting ready for church

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Grover and Pop Pop

Brad's two favorite books are his 'Grover' book and his 'Pop Pop' book. One tells the story of the monster at the end of the book, starring lovable furry old Grover (I know it by heart, can you tell?), and the other is an insect pop-out book with, among other things, a grasshopper that hops and pops. I read these two books at least ten times a day (each!). Whenever you sit down to play with him, he thinks it's time to read and he'll just come over and back up into your lap, without any warning and hand you the books.

Occasionally he'll deign to let me read him the 'Go, Dogs, Go' book, but that's rare. So this morning I dumped all of his books out on the floor. It confused and surprised him enough to let me read him two 'new' books before he found his favorites again.

Guess who gave us those two books? Thanks, Mom.