Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I bought Brad two different block sets--you can see him here playing with one of them. His favorite thing to do so far is to dump them all out and then put them back in (which is harder than you'd think). He also likes to make towers and topple them. And I've taught him the word 'yellow,' which he LOVES to say, but still doesn't quite grasp the meaning yet.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday at the park

I finally rememberd to bring the camera with us today. We visit this park quite often and I never remember it. The park has a carousel and a train, and Brad LOVES both, especially the 'tane.' He's always asking for the 'tane,' and as soon as we arrive he runs right to the ticket booth, shouting, 'choo choo,' along the way.

The park also has a very nice playground--it's the nicest one I've been to--but I've been suspicious of it ever since Doug took Brad one day and told me about a snake that had been found under a stroller and killed by park workers. I haven't let Brad walk on the grass since then!

Sunday Morning Pics

That cell phone he's holding is my old one...he put it in his mouth and got water in it, rendering it useless. Thankfully, we had an old, extra cell phone that I'm now using so we didn't have to buy a new one. So now he has his own cell phone.

Okay, now THIS is cute

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This kid...

When you leave our apartment complex you can turn left or right. Since they closed one entrance of the mall for contruction, and because the way to the highway is left, I almost always turn left out of the complex. I didn't realize until today that generally the only time I turn right is when I'm taking Brad to the park (which, I'm sad to say, is quite infrequent these days because I can't take the heat). I turned right to pick up something at a store, and Brad immediately asked for the swings. It used to be I could sneak past the park occasionally without him noticing, but now whenever we come within a one-mile radius of it, he announces that he'd like to go, immediately, please.

And this is panda. Since we bought our Friends of the National Zoo membership, we've been going a lot. He now knows most of the common animals (cat, dog, bird, turtle, cow, duck, etc.) along with a few more exotic animals: whale, panda...okay, those are the only two I can think of right now. But he really likes his panda!

They think we bought the chairs just for them...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Year

The Baker Family Blog celebrated it's one-year anniversary on August 15th. This is post to all of you who say I don't post often enought, let's remember that's one post every 1.14 days...

To celebrate, here are some pictures taken before the blog, and a retrospective of some favorites you've seen. Enjoy.



Okay, I could post a zillion more...actually, not a zillion. We don't really have a zillion pictures. We only have seven photo albums containing *ahem* 2,200 pictures of Brad. That's only 100 pictures for each month of his life. So that's nowhere near a zillion.

Brad's new thing

Bathtime has become the scariest time of day for me. Brad has discovered that no, in fact, he won't melt if water touches his face and perhaps even covers it. Whereas before he would lay on his stomach and splash around, he now lays on his back and dips his head back. He's been going further and further back each bathtime, and tonight he actually let water completely cover his face before coming up.

It scares me to death, and if you drop by during bathtime you'll hear a lot of laughter (Brad) and shouts of, 'Hand, hand!' (me) from the bathroom. I'm always telling him to hold my hand before he tries to get on his back (so I can pull him up), but he's so independent he doesn't like to do it. It's quite nerve-racking, and I told Brad that if I go into pre-term labor one of these days, I'm blaming it on him.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting ready for Anne...

Doug and I researched double strollers and decided that we wanted a side-by-side instead of a front-to-back so the kids could see each other. We also wanted one with reclining seats that we could use right away with Anne (most double strollers are not equipped for an infant). We decided on the Maclaren Twin Techno, which was decidedly out of our price range. But after some diligent searching, I found one for $100 off retail on Ebay. It's a 2006 model, never opened (NIB, for those of you who buy on Ebay)--nothing makes me happier than getting a great deal!

As you can see, I still need to adjust the straps as Brad squirms out of them.

He helped me put it together and then insisted on pushing (and riding) up and down the hallway. I eventually took him for a little walk in it--looking perfectly ridiculous, I'm sure, with one child in a double stroller. But we had fun!

Monday, August 14, 2006

One of THOSE days

Number of glasses of milk spilled: 3 (once by Brad, once by Mommy, once as a joint effort)

Tears shed because the train at the park is not open on Mondays and Mommy didn't know this: copious amounts

Number of bites eaten at dinner: 1

Amount of dinner dropped on floor when Mommy's back was turned: 99%

Bedtime: 5:55pm

Thank goodness these days don't come that often.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Going Home

National Zoo

Today we went to the National Zoo--it was a first for all of us. We all had a great time and got to see lots of animals. Pelicans are behind Doug and Brad in the background.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dr. J.

Doug and I recently decided to switch neurosurgeons because we now live so far away that it takes an hour to drive to our first one in Fairfax, Dr. M. Adding to this is that every time I go there, he’s in emergency surgery, which makes him late for all of his appointments. Last time we waited an hour to be seen, which was the last straw for me. By the time I get in to see him, I’m so frazzled with keeping a nap-deprived Brad happy in a waiting room that’s only mostly child friendly, and irritated by the long drive and long wait, that I’m never in the right frame of mind to have the kind of conversations I want to have with him.

So we’re now seeing Dr. J., at a Johns Hopkins extension campus in Columbia, which is a much nicer drive. In the course of the switch, I requested Brad’s records from Fairfax, and received his scans, the doctor’s notes, and the radiologist’s analysis of the MRIs, which I had not seen before. As Doug and I struggled to read the analysis (it was like reading a foreign language—we called up trusty Google and looked up every other phrase), it began to sound to us like the radiologist had a different analysis than what we were given by Dr. M. (who said that things looked good—the spinal cord is a little short, but okay—and that we’d have another MRI in a year).

So I asked Dr. J. about the radiologist’s report when we saw him yesterday, and he immediately said, yes, we need a scan of the brain as well.

Which was what Doug and I had deduced from the report, but still not what you want to hear. So Brad’s next MRI will be of the spine and brain, to rule out a benign cyst in the brain. Although the doctor said it was nothing to worry about, hey, we’re talking about my son’s brain here.

Dr. J. also took an interest in Brad’s feet and noticed his left wasn’t as strong as his right (Dr. M. was always disinterested and acted like it wasn’t his area), and also said that the last MRI was inconclusive; that the cord might be short (as Dr. M. had said), or tethered at the bottom, or it just might be scar tissue making it so inconclusive. The next MRI should reveal more.

So the upshot is that Doug and I are very glad we switched, we very much like Dr. J., who seems to pay more attention to our concerns than Dr. M., and we’re both a little worried about the results of the next MRI, which will probably be scheduled for October (I have to call tomorrow for an appointment).

So, I know this is a very long post, but I wanted to inform all of you who are keeping up with the blog—I’m always surprised to learn that someone is reading our blog when they mention the latest picture to me. We appreciate all your prayers.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A soapy baby is a happy baby

New bathtime fun

Since we've started our 'Mommy and Me' swim classes, Brad likes to pretend he's swimming in the bathtub. He even kicks his legs, something he won't do when we're actually in the pool.

Fun with hats

Hmmm....which one does the triangle fit into?

He loves to wear two hats--you can tell by the slightly crazed look in his eyes that he's extremely happy.