Thursday, June 29, 2006

By the way...

I had my maternal and fetal medicine appointment last week, and everything looks good with the baby! S/he is measuring right on schedule and the neck thickness looks normal (no Downs). The hematoma is completely gone. I have a follow up appointment with them on July 21st, during which we....get to find out the sex of the baby!! Very exciting, and three weeks earlier than when we found out during pregnancy #1. I'll keep you posted!


I assure you, he's not actually watching TV.

You MUST take the remote!



This is Lyndsey's favorite game to play with Brad. She says, "Model," and sticks her hands behind her head, as if she's posing for a picture, and Brad does the same. A fun game to play, but one which requires a bath afterward....lots of food ends up in the hair.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Night night?

Nope, he just wanted to feel the blanket.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Doctors and Fear

I had my first OB appointment yesterday. My RE had released me from his practice three weeks ago, but I had trouble finding an OB that 1) takes my insurance, 2) had an opening, and 3) I liked. I should have realized the first OB wasn't the place for me when they insisted that I meet with a nurse prior to meeting with the doctor. Not a big deal, except the nurse was only in on Tuesdays, and I absolutely can't have appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays--I have to be at work in Bethesda those days. So after much negotiation the nurse agreed to see some patients on Wednesdays.

So I went in to see the nurse. She got out her stack of paperwork and talking points and proceeded to go through them, one by one, as I assume she does all the time. Which was fine, even though I've done this before. No canned tuna. Check. Spotting with cramps equals bad. Check. Even though she obviously didn't want to be interrupted and have a conversation with me about MY pregnancy, fine--maybe the doctor doesn't have a one-size-fits-all mentality.

But it was the way she made her points that REALLY irritated me. Everything was going to kill the baby. Sleeping on my right side. Not drinking water. Taking prenatal vitamins with milk. Well, to her credit, she didn't say kill, but she implied in very strong terms.

And that's when I left. Brad was acting up, so I excused myself and we left. I am not a person who can be ruled by fear. If you try to scare me into doing something, I'm more likely to do the opposite (out of resentment) than comply. If you give me the facts logically and rationally, I will be persuaded and we will continue to engage in productive conversation as adults.

So, I finally found an OB. As soon as I entered the nurses greeted me like a long-lost friend, though it was my first visit. They talked to me and explained everything. The doctor let me ask some questions and gave his answers in detail without hurrying or condescending or scaring me. He couldn't find the heartbeat by doppler, so we ended up doing an ultrasound, and the result is this picture. It's not as clear as previous ones because this practice doesn't have great equipment (though I did get to see the baby kick and wave), and they're not specially trained for problems like the subchorionic hematoma that I have, so I have to go see a specialist in two weeks to basically get better pictures. Hopefully I'll get to take one and show it to everyone. But so far, everything looks good and they confirmed my due date of Christmas Day!

PS For non-mothers, let me interpret: the baby's head is the round thing on the right side and his body extends on the left.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


And, of course, no set of pictures would be complete without one of Brad swinging. He absolutely LOVES to swing. We didn't stay very long, because after ten minutes of standing around, I was starting to drip with sweat. It's HOT in Louisiana!


We visited Louisiana last week, and Brad quickly discovered that the Malones had bought a new treadmill. I didn't get a picture of the funniest moment, when Brad crawled onto the treadmill from the front and got carried, on his stomach, arms and legs stretched out, to the back and off the treadmill. It was hilarious. He liked it a lot, almost as much as the fans.


Brad has been doing the sign for 'more' for awhile now, and he also says please, but it's been difficult getting him to pair them together. In the chair, you can see he's saying 'more, please,' and in the next picture, he gets his crackers.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


He doesn't so much sit on the bike as he precariously stands on the seat and then throws himself at the nearest person. Lovely game.