Monday, March 27, 2006

Who, me?

I really wanted to take a pictures of Brad with his fingers in his mouth and his hand in his hair and title the post, "They call me Mr. Clingy," but as soon as I brought out the camera he hammed it up.

Brad has the tiniest little runny nose, and he has become very clingy, particularly around Doug. This morning Doug was having a hard time getting dressed for work because Brad wanted Daddy to hold him. It didn't matter that Mommy was right there, ready to step into the, he wanted Daddy and Daddy only. It was so bad Doug actually had to sneak out of the house while I distracted Brad, and even then Brad pitched a fit when he discovered he was stuck with me.

So he's clung to me for most of the day (presumably counting the minutes until Daddy comes home). Though he's slept well too, being a little sick. Which is why I was willing to try to take a picture (even though my arm hurts)--I wanted to capture the pathetic sadness of a little boy with a runny nose.

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