Saturday, March 25, 2006

No pics for awhile

No, we're not on vacation. We're here. I, Nicole, have somehow injured my right rotator cuff, which makes it very difficult to take pictures since I am right handed. The good doctor thinks I may have injured it while I was driving the van, reaching into the back to hand Brad a cracker. He's also hopeful that because I can't remember doing something specifically that hurt, it's a minor tear or sprain. So I get to take it easy for a week (which is difficult when you're trying to drive or lift a 17-month-old into a car seat), do some range-of-motion exercises, and take lots of Ibuprofen. If it's not better in a week then an MRI is in my future.

So, now that you all feel sufficiently sorry for me (and for Brad, who won't be picked up a whole lot, poor baby), you'll all be nice and patient while you wait for new pictures, I'm sure (this means you, Lyndsey).

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