Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just hangin' out

On the advice of Brad's therapist, I bought him a farm, which will allow him to develop his fine motor skills as he practices opening doors and putting animals away and turning the merry-go-round (on the farm, I know...what farm do you know has a merry-go-round?), and his speech skills as I say 'Cow, is that a cow?' twenty times a minute. He really likes it, and the therapist was right--I think it is helping him. It will at least help him recognize animal sounds (it's pretty noisy).

But his favorite activity is dancing. It is SO funny. Brad's version of dancing is to stand still and stomp his feet really fast. Which is great, because it means he's really balancing well, and also because it's absolutely hilarious. He's started to do this even when there's no music on. How do you know Brad is happy? He's jogging in place!

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