Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeling a little better

I think the worst is over. He's still very much not himself--very quiet and clingy. He's usually running around everywhere and never wants to be held. Now all he wants to do is be's actually quite nice--he hasn't wanted to be held since he was a few months old.

Since he was feeling a little better I didn't cancel his speech therapy today, and he impressed me (and the therapist) by imitating her and feeding a baby doll juice. He was doing pretty well (giving her juice, combing her hair) until she gave him a milk bottle and he responded by using it to give the baby a good whack. It's hard not to laugh at stuff like that.

Another new word: circle, which is pronounced 'kir-kle.' He also knows what 'bath' is, and if you ask him if he wants one he'll stop what he's doing, toddle off to the bathroom and wait expectantly. Oh, and he's also started sharing. He wants you to have some crackers too, and he'll want to put them right in your mouth. He's so MUCH FUN.

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