Monday, March 13, 2006

Computer troubles

There are no new pictures of Brad because my computer died. As in, I can't even get it to start up. This was Saturday night. I'm anxiously awaiting my meeting with our computer guy tomorrow to see what can be done. The good news is that our computers are regularly backed up, so I'll still have all of my documents and emails. The bad news is that I made a decision to tell our server not to back up anyone's music, or, you guessed it--pictures. Why? They take up a lot of space and I didn't want to go through backup tapes on a daily basis. So I may have lost all of Brad's digital pics. Oh well. At least everything but the month of March has been printed out and safely put in photo albums...I'll keep you posted.

On a different note, Brad had speech therapy again today and I'm pleased to report he tried out two new words: 'tuck' for stuck, and 'na-na' for 'knock-knock.' He also did really well mimicking what the therapist showed him. And the best news? He stood up ALL BY HIMSELF! He pushed himself up off the ground and didn't use anything else to help himself stand!!! I couldn't be more proud. He's come so far in just 2 months--it's hard to believe he wasn't even walking mid-January.

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