Monday, March 27, 2006

Who, me?

I really wanted to take a pictures of Brad with his fingers in his mouth and his hand in his hair and title the post, "They call me Mr. Clingy," but as soon as I brought out the camera he hammed it up.

Brad has the tiniest little runny nose, and he has become very clingy, particularly around Doug. This morning Doug was having a hard time getting dressed for work because Brad wanted Daddy to hold him. It didn't matter that Mommy was right there, ready to step into the, he wanted Daddy and Daddy only. It was so bad Doug actually had to sneak out of the house while I distracted Brad, and even then Brad pitched a fit when he discovered he was stuck with me.

So he's clung to me for most of the day (presumably counting the minutes until Daddy comes home). Though he's slept well too, being a little sick. Which is why I was willing to try to take a picture (even though my arm hurts)--I wanted to capture the pathetic sadness of a little boy with a runny nose.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

No pics for awhile

No, we're not on vacation. We're here. I, Nicole, have somehow injured my right rotator cuff, which makes it very difficult to take pictures since I am right handed. The good doctor thinks I may have injured it while I was driving the van, reaching into the back to hand Brad a cracker. He's also hopeful that because I can't remember doing something specifically that hurt, it's a minor tear or sprain. So I get to take it easy for a week (which is difficult when you're trying to drive or lift a 17-month-old into a car seat), do some range-of-motion exercises, and take lots of Ibuprofen. If it's not better in a week then an MRI is in my future.

So, now that you all feel sufficiently sorry for me (and for Brad, who won't be picked up a whole lot, poor baby), you'll all be nice and patient while you wait for new pictures, I'm sure (this means you, Lyndsey).

Friday, March 24, 2006

A boy and his cat

It's been awhile

I took these pictures a few days ago but haven't posted them because I've been a bit busier. I'm going into the office for a few extra days until our new paralegal starts (which is Monday, thankfully!).

Anyway, even before Brad was born I bought alphabet magnets for the fridge, and he's recently shown interest in what's on the fridge, so I hauled them out and let him have a look. I think I brought them out too early because he's mostly interested in eating them.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Look at me!

Just hangin' out

On the advice of Brad's therapist, I bought him a farm, which will allow him to develop his fine motor skills as he practices opening doors and putting animals away and turning the merry-go-round (on the farm, I know...what farm do you know has a merry-go-round?), and his speech skills as I say 'Cow, is that a cow?' twenty times a minute. He really likes it, and the therapist was right--I think it is helping him. It will at least help him recognize animal sounds (it's pretty noisy).

But his favorite activity is dancing. It is SO funny. Brad's version of dancing is to stand still and stomp his feet really fast. Which is great, because it means he's really balancing well, and also because it's absolutely hilarious. He's started to do this even when there's no music on. How do you know Brad is happy? He's jogging in place!

Post-nap hair

This is why this kid gets haircuts more often than me--think what it would look like if we didn't cut it so often!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I love Grandma!

I love stickers

Ooh, I love stickers. How many can I stick on myself at one time?

Do you want a sticker? Sharing is fun.

Aunt Lyndsey and Aunt Kelly are in town! I must admit, as a mother, it's nice to have other people who think Brad is most wonderful, brilliant, exciting child ever. Other mothers think their own children are the best kids ever, but maiden aunts think that their nephews are the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing warms a mother's heart more than people doting on her son.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Picking up the park

You can't just leave them on the ground, you know. The leaves all have to be in piles.

Cat pic I snuck in 'cause I know you all love Noah (and he loves our clothes)

Saturday at the park and Computer Troubles, part II

So our computer guy was able to restore most of my files. But wouldn't you know, I lost everything from the past two weeks. As in, all of February month end, all checks/deposits/withdrawals recorded (for three businesses and our personal finances!!). All photos from the first part of March. All records of my shopping (and there were a LOT of shops signed up for/completed). All emails, of course. All new and updated documents. Sigh. I'm going to be spending the next few days playing catch up.

On the bright side, here are pics of Brad from our day at the park on Saturday. It was beautiful outside, and he didn't even really need that jacket.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Computer troubles

There are no new pictures of Brad because my computer died. As in, I can't even get it to start up. This was Saturday night. I'm anxiously awaiting my meeting with our computer guy tomorrow to see what can be done. The good news is that our computers are regularly backed up, so I'll still have all of my documents and emails. The bad news is that I made a decision to tell our server not to back up anyone's music, or, you guessed it--pictures. Why? They take up a lot of space and I didn't want to go through backup tapes on a daily basis. So I may have lost all of Brad's digital pics. Oh well. At least everything but the month of March has been printed out and safely put in photo albums...I'll keep you posted.

On a different note, Brad had speech therapy again today and I'm pleased to report he tried out two new words: 'tuck' for stuck, and 'na-na' for 'knock-knock.' He also did really well mimicking what the therapist showed him. And the best news? He stood up ALL BY HIMSELF! He pushed himself up off the ground and didn't use anything else to help himself stand!!! I couldn't be more proud. He's come so far in just 2 months--it's hard to believe he wasn't even walking mid-January.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Early morning pics

What he loves most about the bike are the tiny plastic thingies that blow around an enclosed bubble on top of the bike. The problem with them (at least from my perspective) is that they only blow around when the bike is moving. So Brad will sit there and watch them (and kiss them) for a few seconds, and then they'll stop because he's not moving the bike. Then he'll look terribly confused and panic ensues. So yeah, when they say you need to constantly supervise your child on the bike, it's because he'll need you to keep the plastic thingies moving, which is the whole point of having a bike, didn't you know?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We usually give Brad hearty meals and don't give him any snacks in between. He ate well at dinner tonight--a whole banana and a grown-up size piece of spaghetti pie. But when he was done with his bath he saw the last banana and asked for it--something he usually doesn't do--so I gave it to him and I swear he ate the whole thing in less than three minutes. I'm not sure where this is coming from (another growth spurt?) but it doesn't bother me--every time we go to the pediatrician he's still in the 25th percentile for weight, so he could eat a few more bananas if he wanted.

What do you mean, it's all gone?

And now a word from our sponsor

Brad Baker thinks it's important to brush his teeth every day. And when he does, he uses Colgate toothpaste! Only Colgate will give your smile the sparkle it deserves. When you brush, use Colgate--Brad does!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeling a little better

I think the worst is over. He's still very much not himself--very quiet and clingy. He's usually running around everywhere and never wants to be held. Now all he wants to do is be's actually quite nice--he hasn't wanted to be held since he was a few months old.

Since he was feeling a little better I didn't cancel his speech therapy today, and he impressed me (and the therapist) by imitating her and feeding a baby doll juice. He was doing pretty well (giving her juice, combing her hair) until she gave him a milk bottle and he responded by using it to give the baby a good whack. It's hard not to laugh at stuff like that.

Another new word: circle, which is pronounced 'kir-kle.' He also knows what 'bath' is, and if you ask him if he wants one he'll stop what he's doing, toddle off to the bathroom and wait expectantly. Oh, and he's also started sharing. He wants you to have some crackers too, and he'll want to put them right in your mouth. He's so MUCH FUN.