Friday, February 24, 2006

No more apples

Today Brad and I went to the mall on the advice of Doug to check out a sale that a baby store was having on car seats. I didn't see anything worth buying, so we stopped for lunch at the food court. I love Arby's chicken salad sandwich, and I know Brad likes the fruit cup that comes with the kid's meal, so I ordered him a chicken fingers kid's meal. I dutifully tore apart the chicken into little pieces and poured the grapes and apples out of the fruit cup and let him eat.

He loves grapes, so those were the first to go. But he wouldn't touch the chicken. No, he wanted the apples. They were cut up into little pieces, so he put one in his mouth while I watched him carefully for signs of choking (we don't usually do apples in our house). He seemed to be doing well, so I went back to my sandwich. As I finished my lunch, it dawned on me that he was chewing the same piece of apple. He finally swallowed and picked up another piece (there must have been about 10 total). I looked at my watch...and kept looking at my watch...and 11 minutes later, I kid you not, he was done chewing the piece of apple and swallowed. Then he went for another piece.

So I hastily picked up a piece of chicken and put it in his mouth. He ate it and them promptly put another piece of apple in. And then he wouldn't eat any more chicken. We were sitting in that food court for an HOUR while Brad happily chewed on pieces of apple and looked around and smiled at passersby and generally enjoyed himself. I called Doug and told him we'd see him in a few days when Brad was done eating. When he had three pieces left I could stand it no longer and packed him up without too much protest (okay, I admit it, I bribed him with a balloon).

What can I say? He ate a lot at dinner tonight. :)

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