Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Car Trip

Ask me a question. Ask me how I kept Brad awake in the car for an hour and twenty minutes when he had just eaten lunch, hadn't napped in several hours, was nice and toasty warm and snuggled in his car seat with the sun shining in his face? Ask me how I kept him up.

I waited until his droopy eyes had closed and his body relaxed and he looked so peaceful and then I said, very quietly, "cracker?"

He said, "Cracker? You have crackers? I'll take a cracker! Right here, cracker, please! I wasn't sleepy, no ma'am, no how, not me! I'm wide awake and ready for a cracker! Pass them over here! Cracker, cracker, cracker, cracker, cracker!"

He stayed awake until we got home and I was able to deposit him in his crib for a nice long nap. I'm so good.

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