Thursday, February 02, 2006


Brad LOVES his bath. When he was just starting to take baths in the tub, I read somewhere that children are often frightened both of the water pouring into the tub and the water draining out. The book recommended that children be kept out of the bathroom while parents fill the tub and drain it. You know me--I hate stuff like that (let's all repeat together: Children enter into a pre-existing family. We don't revolve our lives around them, they learn to be a part of the family).

For longer periods each bathtime, I would place him in the water and turn the faucet on so that he could see the water coming out. I encouraged him to try to touch the water, and at first he just stared, but he gradually worked up enough courage to try to grab the water with his hands.

The problem is this: I've gotten him so used to the pouring water that he thinks the moment it starts pouring he should be in the tub. If you haven't gotten him undressed and in the tub before you start the water, you're in trouble. He'll stand at the edge of the tub and cry, like he just KNOWS he's missing out on all the water fun.

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