Monday, January 23, 2006

New Camera Feature

Okay, this is a slightly blurry picture but I included it because 1) we get to see those baby blues, and 2) to illustrate a new feature. See the black numbers on the side? I turned the time/date function on the camera on because I'm tired of sending a bunch of digital pics to Snapfish and having them delivered in no particular order (Snapfish doesn't keep digital pics in chronological order). So I thought the function would help me as I'm sorting through pics. Well, it turns out the date/time appear in bright red, which is just a little distracting. But I didn't want to turn it off, so I'm thinking, how do I deal with this? Then, being the savvy Mac-user that I am, I realized that iPhoto can do away with red-eye, and I've used it before on many pics. So instead of highlighting Brad's eyes like I usually do, I highlighted the date/time stamp, and viola! black lettering instead of red! I feel smart.

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