Monday, January 30, 2006


Here Brad is, finishing up his lunch. He's wearing a sticker that says, 'Hero. Hug me--I was brave today,' on it because he had some routine bloodwork done today and was pretty good. He cried a lot harder during his vaccinations--though who wouldn't? Icky medicine being directly injected into the muscle of your leg? I'd cry too. The good news is that Brad is all done with vaccinations until he's four years old! And I'm a little proud of myself too. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 90% of children don't receive their vaccinations on schedule. Brad has received all of his exactly (almost to the day) when recommended. What can I say? It's the little things that make me happy.

Today Doug returns from his trip to Houston. He's only been gone since yesterday morning, but we both miss him. Brad keeps waving his hand (bye-bye) and saying 'da-da?' His flight arrives at 12:30am tomorrow morning, which means he'll be getting home just before 2am. He made the reservation before telling me he'd be getting back that late. The only reason he did that was so I wouldn't have to take Brad to the babysitter and be late for work (I leave the house at 6:30am; surprisingly enough, the sitter doesn't want to see Brad until 8am). I don't usually say much about us on the blog, but it was so incredibly thoughtful of him to do that, I just had to tell you.

Oh--one more thing. This morning, after I put Brad down for his first nap at 9am, I went into our bedroom to take a shower. As I entered, I saw the bed, and my first thought was, 'Why is the bed unmade?' Doug has gotten in the habit of making the bed in the morning, and I've gotten so used to coming in and seeing it made, that I was honestly confused about why it was unmade.

Can you tell I miss him?

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