Friday, January 27, 2006

Growing Boy

I’ve noticed that in the last couple of weeks Brad has really started to blossom. I think he’s entering some kind of growth spurt. He’s now 32 ½ inches long and 22 ½ pounds, which means he’s ‘long and lean,’ as the doctor says.

I think he’s also turned some kind of mental corner. He understands what I’m saying and demonstrates that by repeating me. I’ve always told him the names of objects (Brad, is that a cat? A cat?) but he’s never really paid attention. Now he wants to know the names of EVERYTHING. And he repeats everything back! I tell him what the names are and I get a garbled response. Today we were looking at a book of puppies, and I said, ‘Puppies. Woof, woof.’ And he looked and me and said, ‘Woof, woof.’ And when we see cars, he always wants to walk up to them and touch them and say, ‘car,’ as if to say ‘I know what THIS is!’

It’s not just verbal; he seems to be mimicking my motions more as well. We’ve been working on putting objects into their proper holes (circles into circles, squares into squares), and he’s gotten quite good at it. He also needed almost no instruction this evening on how to use the new bath toys we bought. They’re little foam circles with letters on them that float and stick to the tub. He figured out pretty quickly how to stick them to the tub and pull them off and stack them.

I’m really enjoying this period in his life—he’s like a little sponge, just taking everything in. It’s encouraging to me to watch him demonstrate his new communication skills.

I have to admit, though, I did have a little fun at bath time tonight. I took one of the little circles and stuck it on the back of his shoulder. He could feel something there but couldn’t see it, so he twisted his head and tried to reach it, but he couldn’t. Then he turned around in a circle trying to find it, but couldn’t. It was so funny. I know; I’m a terrible mother.

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