Monday, January 30, 2006


Here Brad is, finishing up his lunch. He's wearing a sticker that says, 'Hero. Hug me--I was brave today,' on it because he had some routine bloodwork done today and was pretty good. He cried a lot harder during his vaccinations--though who wouldn't? Icky medicine being directly injected into the muscle of your leg? I'd cry too. The good news is that Brad is all done with vaccinations until he's four years old! And I'm a little proud of myself too. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 90% of children don't receive their vaccinations on schedule. Brad has received all of his exactly (almost to the day) when recommended. What can I say? It's the little things that make me happy.

Today Doug returns from his trip to Houston. He's only been gone since yesterday morning, but we both miss him. Brad keeps waving his hand (bye-bye) and saying 'da-da?' His flight arrives at 12:30am tomorrow morning, which means he'll be getting home just before 2am. He made the reservation before telling me he'd be getting back that late. The only reason he did that was so I wouldn't have to take Brad to the babysitter and be late for work (I leave the house at 6:30am; surprisingly enough, the sitter doesn't want to see Brad until 8am). I don't usually say much about us on the blog, but it was so incredibly thoughtful of him to do that, I just had to tell you.

Oh--one more thing. This morning, after I put Brad down for his first nap at 9am, I went into our bedroom to take a shower. As I entered, I saw the bed, and my first thought was, 'Why is the bed unmade?' Doug has gotten in the habit of making the bed in the morning, and I've gotten so used to coming in and seeing it made, that I was honestly confused about why it was unmade.

Can you tell I miss him?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Day

Brad and I had such a fun day today. When he got up he ate breakfast and then we had some educational playtime until naptime. He's getting quite good at putting the blocks in their proper holes. After the second nap of the day we went to the park and Brad just loved the swings. Then we tried out the slide for the first time, and that was a huge hit. Brad just laughed the whole way down. So we did that a lot. Then we practiced walking around--he's getting so good at walking. After that we came home and ate dinner, and had a fun bathtime. After bath we had a little bit of playtime (see pics) and then it was time for bed. I love days like this--with no deadlines, nothing to do or worry about, just a fun day with Brad.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Growing Boy

I’ve noticed that in the last couple of weeks Brad has really started to blossom. I think he’s entering some kind of growth spurt. He’s now 32 ½ inches long and 22 ½ pounds, which means he’s ‘long and lean,’ as the doctor says.

I think he’s also turned some kind of mental corner. He understands what I’m saying and demonstrates that by repeating me. I’ve always told him the names of objects (Brad, is that a cat? A cat?) but he’s never really paid attention. Now he wants to know the names of EVERYTHING. And he repeats everything back! I tell him what the names are and I get a garbled response. Today we were looking at a book of puppies, and I said, ‘Puppies. Woof, woof.’ And he looked and me and said, ‘Woof, woof.’ And when we see cars, he always wants to walk up to them and touch them and say, ‘car,’ as if to say ‘I know what THIS is!’

It’s not just verbal; he seems to be mimicking my motions more as well. We’ve been working on putting objects into their proper holes (circles into circles, squares into squares), and he’s gotten quite good at it. He also needed almost no instruction this evening on how to use the new bath toys we bought. They’re little foam circles with letters on them that float and stick to the tub. He figured out pretty quickly how to stick them to the tub and pull them off and stack them.

I’m really enjoying this period in his life—he’s like a little sponge, just taking everything in. It’s encouraging to me to watch him demonstrate his new communication skills.

I have to admit, though, I did have a little fun at bath time tonight. I took one of the little circles and stuck it on the back of his shoulder. He could feel something there but couldn’t see it, so he twisted his head and tried to reach it, but he couldn’t. Then he turned around in a circle trying to find it, but couldn’t. It was so funny. I know; I’m a terrible mother.

Everything is Funny

Hiding Place

There's a small space between the bookcase and the bed that has begun to fascinate Brad. His preference is to crawl backwards into the wall until he hits it. Then he laughs and uses the wall against his back to push himself to a standing position. Then he'll lower himself and raise himself for a good five minutes. And as you can see by the pictures, it's also a good place to sit and have a cracker.


You may be thinking, why is she letting him throw his socks all over the floor? Because, strangely enough, when there are no more socks to throw on the floor, he picks them up and puts them back.

The Bike

Brad was given this bike for his 1st birthday. At first, he didn't do much with it except chew on the handlebars. Now he grasps the general concept of riding, and I mean general. His preferred method is to get one leg on each side of the bike, but not to actually touch the seat. He likes to stand and straddle the bike and push it forward, leaning precariously over the bike, stretching to reach the handlebars. He laughs hysterically while he does this, and usually takes about four steps forward before he completely loses his balance and topples over, pulling the bike on top of him. Which, of course, doesn't make him happy at all. So we dust him off and love him up and then he wants to start all over again. We love the bike.

Introducing Noah

We have two cats: Benjamin and Noah. This is Noah. He likes to sit on the bed near the window, as far from Brad's grasp as possible.

He also sits in the cover of our Monopoly box. Every time we play Monopoly. Every time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

For you, Lynds

Best Job in the World

It's never a good idea to say much about your job or your employer on your blog (even if you have nothing but nice things to say), so let me content myself with saying that I pretty much work for the nicest people in the world, and that I have the best job EVER! Every time I think it can't get any better, it gets better. And that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Speech Therapy

The speech therapist, Ellen, came today for the first time. It was actually pretty fun. We played with Brad for about 45 minutes and had a great time. She has a master's degree in early childhood development, so she was able to give me a bunch of helpful tips. She also deciphered what Brad's been saying for the past week (which, I, his mother, couldn't understand!). He's been pointing to things and saying, 'da.' I thought he was mistakenly calling it a cat, or trying to say da-da. Ellen told me he's actually saying, 'that.' As in, what's that? She said toddlers hear parents say, 'What's that? Do you know what that is?' or 'What's this? What is this called?' so often that 'this' and 'that' are often some of their first words. I had no idea! So Brad's been asking me to tell him what the names of things are, and now I tell him. His vocabulary now includes da-da, ma-ma, ca (cat), ligh (light), cah (car, in a Boston accent), and our current favorite, ca-ca (cracker). Ellen was really great--she's already given me some great ideas for the next couple of weeks until she comes again. I think these 'early interventions,' as they're called, are going to really help Brad a lot. Plus, it didn't hurt that she said she was amazed that Brad was so friendly and playful. She said most kids Brad's age are afraid of new people and take weeks to warm up to her. Brad just had a ball with all the toys she brought! Here's the last pic of the day:

How much do I love these shoes?

The orthotics are amazing! Brad is walking more and more, and today he walked from his changing table to the door of his room, turned the corner and went out, and walked about 15 steps total before falling down. Pretty soon he's going to be running everywhere!

New Camera Feature

Okay, this is a slightly blurry picture but I included it because 1) we get to see those baby blues, and 2) to illustrate a new feature. See the black numbers on the side? I turned the time/date function on the camera on because I'm tired of sending a bunch of digital pics to Snapfish and having them delivered in no particular order (Snapfish doesn't keep digital pics in chronological order). So I thought the function would help me as I'm sorting through pics. Well, it turns out the date/time appear in bright red, which is just a little distracting. But I didn't want to turn it off, so I'm thinking, how do I deal with this? Then, being the savvy Mac-user that I am, I realized that iPhoto can do away with red-eye, and I've used it before on many pics. So instead of highlighting Brad's eyes like I usually do, I highlighted the date/time stamp, and viola! black lettering instead of red! I feel smart.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I didn't do it!

This is a very loud 'alphabet bug' that sings the alphabet and 26 other songs, along with saying the names and sounds of the letters. Brad LOVES this thing. Whenever it's turned on, he sits on the back of his feet and bounces himself up and down to the music. It makes him supremely happy, and it's entertaining for mommy to watch him.

We love to read

But they sound the same!

"What's that, Brad? Is that a tractor? Tractor?"


"No, you can't have a cracker, you just had breakfast."

Now that we can walk and stand, we're getting into lots of things

Okay, where is it? I know it's here somewhere.

Here it is!

Let's go swimming. Let me just get my swim diapers, and I'll be ready, Mom.

Got 'em. Let's go!

Monday, January 16, 2006

I have to concentrate!

We're walking!!!

Those orthotics have been wonderful for Brad! They have really stabilized him, and he's now walking 4-5 steps on his own. I love the look on his face when he walks--it's like he knows how momentous this is and is proud of himself. He's growing up!!